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Space Hulk Launch Trailer

By Bis18marck7017-08-2013

So who deploys a whole chapter of Space Marines on to a drifting Space Hulk? Well, the Blood Angels it seems. Having barely made it out with only 5% of the original force, the Blood Angels are set, six centuries later, to reclaim their long lost brothers and relics. Make of this story what you will, but it's what drives the story of the newly released Space Hulk game, digital 'reimagining' of the board game, were we to trust the launch trailer.

A thousand Space Marines boarding a Space Hulk...,


...who does that?

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Termite marines?

Posts: 228

How did they stuff them there, anyways? They don't that many suits of termie armor. But no wonder they died - those Blood Angels are the lamest Marines I've ever played.