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Space Game StarDrive Available for Pre-order

By Mokman12-03-2013

Attention all sci-fi fans. Attention all sci-fi fans. Have you seen this? If you have, why aren't you scrambling over to Steam right now to pre-order StarDrive? Go, quickly!

Alright, back? Now that we've done our bit of impulse buying for the day, let me briefly take you through why that wasn't a waste of your cash. StarDrive is an action-strategy game that attempts to combine 4X space-empire games with Endless Space or Sins of A Solar Empire, with the crazed arcade action of old space shooters. There is modular ship-building, real-time strategic battles, and space bears. Yep.

The list of features is mind-boggling, everything ranging from subversive propaganda to custom fleet formations, and even ground warfare. More information will be provided as the game nears launch, but really now, for all you sci-fi fans out there, I doubt any more impetus is required. See you in space, alien scum.

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