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Space Engineers Now Boasts Survival Mode

By JcDent26-03-2014

Space Engineers is kind of like Minecraft, only it's all about building space ships and fighting against physics. All in all, a better alternative in all but lack of those green exploding Richards. Anyways, now the game reached a new milestone (increasing the price to reflect it, to $19.99) and added the survival mode. What does it do?

Well, previously you had Creative mode, where you didn't really have to worry about resources and things like that. Not anymore! In the Survival mode, you have to mine and refine resources, only then turning them into objects that you need assemble. But mining isn't easy, what with material trying to fly away or fill your inventory to brim. Of course, you can build mining ships (basically a drill with an engine), but you have to survive until then. And that might not be easy, what with your suit constantly using energy and your ships using uranium in their reactors. Don't forget to turn off the engine when you're about to leave the ship – the fuel can run out here as well as it did in Boiling Point. And if you die, you're going to lose your stuff. Try not to get shot or crushed.

Of course, the update is way more detailed, but the details are, unfortunately, in an 18 minute video that's narrated by what I assume to be the mellowest, vaguely French robot I've ever heard.

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