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Space Engineers Marks One Month of Early Access

By Fr33Lanc3r.00727-11-2013

Space Engineers, the game that lets you build a spaceship from simple starting blocks, then smash them together in a stunning display; has been available on Steam for a month now, and Keen Software have taken the opportunity to do some navel gazing and give us some insight into how everything is going for them.

First up, they've got the great news that they've sold over 100,000 copies, and made it to the best sellers list on the Steam home page. They've used the growth in the community, and the feedback provided by their players, to facilitate the addition of a number of new features, including workshop functionality - which has also done a lot to highlight the sheer possibilities for creation - extra modding support, and a host of new game features (highlighted in the video above).

There's also been a community feature vote, and the results clearly indicated that multiplayer was something the community craved, so that will be coming in a future update.

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