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Space Engineers Crosses the Quarter Million Line

By Fr33Lanc3r.00728-02-2014

Space Engineers has so far proven itself as the basis for a absolutely brilliant sci-fi 'minecraft style' construction game, and it seems that I'm not the only one saying that. The announcement for the most recent Alpha build came with the secondary announcement that they've sold over 250,000 copies!

The actual update is mostly minor fixes building off of January's update - which brought Multiplayer - with player names appearing properly above other players, and correct inventory synchronisation being implemented. There are a couple of other additions - being able to turn off head bobbing is a particularly welcome addition, and the increased draw distance is a godsend - along with some bug fixes.

Full Changelist:


- inventory synchronization in Multiplayer

- player's name tag above character (will be replaced later by correct radio visibility with ID)

- game option: disable headbob

- added more space in G screen for modders

- added more sounds

- asteroids are now visible from a larger distance


- fixed door animation (instant closing in some cases)

- fixed shadow stripes visible with some FOV settings

- fixed sound fade-out for looping sounds

It's not too late to start experiencing the game I dumped Minecraft for, being available on Steam, so what's taking you so long? Get playing!

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