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Space Conquerors Alert - GalacticCiv3 Announced

By Mokman17-10-2013

Be warned. Anyone who dares to say that Galactic Civilizations is basically "Civilizations" in space within earshot of me is gonna eat hot laser. Or at least a boot to the mouth. Hailed as one of the greatest 4x space-games to have ever graced the PC, Galactic Civilizations 2 only managed to get better, with loads of interesting races, innovative new ideas and systems, and a vast, sprawling world to play around in. Galactic Civilizations 3 then is pretty much every space-game geek's long-awaited dream game. And boy, does the trailer excite.

Admittedly, we have seen next to nothing of the gameplay. Still, there promises to be a substantial jump in graphics and variety thanks to the move to 64-bit systems, not to mention the fact that every iteration of Galactic Civilizations that Stardock Entertainment brings us is famed for having innovative gameplay mechanics, something the industry is in dire need of. What I am indeed quite sure of then is that this is not going to be the same old game with simply a new coat of paint and a new name - rather, I am sure that as time goes by, we will see new and exhilarating systems being added to the genre itself.

Oh, and another thing - they now have multiplayer. So yes, you can indeed laugh cruelly as your mass media systems suck away your best friend's population into drooling stupidity, only to cry out in disbelief as he blows up your sun. Fun times ahead. Get a piece of the action now with the Founder's package, here.

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Sweetest 4X game's CGI video outside Sins of a Solar Empire.