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South Park Get UK Retailers Pre-order Bonuses

By acharris7718-10-2013

Ubisoft recently announced that, oh my god, they killed Kenny. Actually, they announced the release date for South Park: The Stick of Truth. UK fans will have to decide where to pre-order their copies. Game and ShopTo have managed to snap up two different DLC packs, which they are offering with pre-orders.

Gamers who pre-order their copies at ShopTo will get the Stick of Truth Ultimate Fellowship pack which includes the following costumes:

• Necromancer Sorcerer Costume: Bonus Fire Damage

• Ranger Elf Costume: Bonus Weapon Damage

• Rogue Assassin Costume: Bonus Gold

• Holy Defender Costume: Bonus Defenses

Pre-orders at Game, will get the Super Samurai Spaceman Pack, which will include the following costumes:

• Superhero costume: Buffs at Start of Combat

• Samurai Costume: Buffs when you Defeat an Enemy

• Spaceman Costume: Emergency Shields

Whilst the fans that pre-order South Park from the Uplay store, they will receive both of the above packs as a bonus. Finally, The Grand Wizard Edition is available for pre-order and includes:

• South Park: The Stick of Truth Game

• Grand Wizard Kidrobot Cartman Figure

• Kingdom of South Park Map

• And The Stick of Truth Fellowship Pack

Fans of South Park are really spoiled for choice for the DLC they want. Roll on the 10th of December I say. Let us know below what you think.

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Good stuff. Odd to think about it, but here in Norway we get these bonuses for all games, whether we pre-order or not. The games are often called "Nordic edition", and include mini-DLCs that you in America would have to purchase multiple copies of at Amazon and Gamespot and so on, to get them all. We get them all in the box, for the standard retail price, in the store. No pre-ordering needed.

... But then again we do pay the equivalent of $90 for our games here.