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Sony Livestreams H1Z1 Gameplay, Talks About Stuff

By CameronW22-04-2014

So, as we learned last week; Sony Online Entertainment is taking a crack at making their own entry into the popular open world zombie survival genre with H1Z1. We saw a short video of some gameplay, but it didn’t go into much detail and we were left in the dark into what the game would actually play like until now with SOE’s H1Z1 livestream. 

The video on Twitch features Game Designer Jimmy Whisenhunt and Technical Director Tom Schenck and is pretty long, almost an hour, in fact. During the stream they go over things like crafting, day and night cycles, and the most important aspect: combat. H1Z1 is obviously very early on in its development, but it’s launching on Steam Early Access sometime in the next few weeks for $20. 

“Enter a world that has been overrun for 15 years since the H1Z1 virus was first encountered! The internet hoax was a cover-up and the world has paid the price! This is an Apocalypse! Your chance of survival is almost 0 against the hordes of undead, not to mention the brutality of other survivors. 

Let’s face it; your goal is just to find others who won’t shoot you and survive another day. Every minute of every hour is borrowed time with one question to answer… Will You Survive?”

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