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Sons of Fenris Enter the Space Hulk!

By JcDent14-03-2014

Space Wolves might be the super human Space Marines, but they're also space Vikings with a serious wolf fetish. And with the Fang of Fenris DLC for Space Hulk, the 3D tactical strategy game, you too can control Bork Scandinavianson, two meter tall drunk killing machine!

The approx. $5 worth of DLC will deliver you a three mission long campaign Fang of Fenris, where Space Wolf Terminators are in pursuit of aliens retreating deeper into a space hulk. You'll get to command 11 new Space Wolf Termies, called Wolf Guard("This heavy armor made after suits used to wade into active plasma reactors is cool and all, but it's lacking alien not-wolf teeth charms" guys) that can also be used in other campaigns, new weapons (hint: they probably have references to wolves and cold)with new rules , new chapter specific rules and a Runepriest with such powers as Murderous Lightning and Hurricane.

All in all, it looks pretty sweet. Go take Sons of Russ for a spin.

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Space Vikings.

I approve