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Son of the PC GoD

By Bis18marck7009-08-2014

Remember Ryse: Son of Rome? You probably do; either because you also own a console or because you watched a few Lets Plays' on YouTube. The game wasn't the best out there but it had its moments. Sure, historical accuracy went out the window and some criticized its combat to be a bit, what's the word, simple? But hey, good visuals, bloody press-button-to-win mechanics and the booming sound of the protagonist somehow worked their charm once more.

When it launched, quite a few people were disappointed that it didn't account for the strongest gaming platform out there. But fear not, if you feel like a bit of Roman Legionnairing cheese, Ryse will hit the PC market Fall this year. With Crytek publishing the game digitally, Deep Silver will distribute the boxed version. Pretty good deal for Crytek if you ask me. Apart from that, prospective buyers can look forward to, as Carl Jones, Director of Business Development at Crytek puts it: ...the Ryse experience with 4K resolution support'. To sweeten the buy, all previously released DLC will accompany the release including character skins, Arena maps and some special sword named the Legionnaire's Trust previously part of the special edition.

Happy Barbarian stomping everyone!


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Deep Silver again?