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Sometimes You Just Need To Be a Gun Toting, Unicorn Riding Lynx

By ElderCub16-07-2015

Remember that game at Ubisoft's E3 presentation, that you weren't quite sure what it was? Well, didn't know until the end? That one about the cat and the unicorn with all those crazy colours? Yeah, you remember. It's that crazy Trials Fusion game again, that game you didn't even know you wanted. Well it's back, and we're finally seeing the fruits of E3. It's called "Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max" and it's Fusion's biggest content pack yet. Max is set to have 40 new tracks, more garage items, achievements, challenges, and objects for track editors.

The "Awesome Adventure" is a campaign built around the Fusion engine, and as I'm sure you saw during E3, turns your bike and rider into a lynx cat riding a unicorn that can breathe fire. Also the cat has a gold-clad Desert Eagle pistol, and specifically a lynx most likely because the game is made by RedLynx. Back on track, this DLC will also have 20+ additional tracks called RedLynx vs. All-Stars where, Fusion's devs have collaborated with the best custom map builder to give us excellently crafted official maps.

What's that I hear? You don't own Trials Fusion? Well that's quite alright because we also caught wind of "Trials Fusion: The Awesome Max Edition" which will include everything to date. That's the base game, the season pass, and the Awesome Level Max DLC. Wanna' guess how many tracks that is? It's 188. As it stands now, Awesome Level Max should be out right now. And if you want to purchase the whole shabang, you'll be waiting till only the 17th of this month.


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