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Sometimes What You Need Is A Nuclear Leakage

By ElderCub28-10-2015

Fallout spoilers, in my favourite gaming news website? It’s more likely than you think. For those who don’t want spoilers, I invite you to rewatch Fallout 4’s announcement trailer and get hype. We’re only 13 days from launch, and your damn right if you think I’m excited.

Spoilers Ahead

For you Fallout 4 crazies out there, social gaming network and achievement tracking service “ExoPhase” has accidentally released the full trophy list of Fallout 4 for the PS4. Naturally this means there will be spoilers interwoven with the achievements for specific plot points throughout the game as well as the finishing the game. There are various common achievements like killing a certain amount of enemies, or getting to specific levels, but if you dare to see the full list, just click below. As a final warning, the last achievement on the list gives away the end of the game.

Here Be Spoilers.


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