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Something Ends, Something Begins

By Kelevandos07-06-2013

Some time has passed since The Witcher 3, the third instalment in the game series based on the books by Andrzej Sapkowski, was revealed. It amasses surprisingly little press attention, but hopefully that is caused by CDP Red working so hard they have no time for PR. Anyway, some more screenshots along with gameplay details emerged, so let's have a look!

It is hard to say anything about the screens included in the EDGE magazine, apart from what was already said before – the game looks astonishing, impossibly detailed and truly epic. Also, some of the shots are taken on a DX11 version of the game, so, yeah, here's something new.

As for the gameplay, here's what EDGE tells us about Witcher 3 (based on a post on NeoGAF and with a little of my commentary):

- There will be no overt tutorial instead mechanics will gradually be introduced. (I was personally satisfied with how W2 dealt with the tutorial, but this is not bad, either.)

- Combat system now has dodge in order to be closer to the pirouettes found in the books. (The previous game had a dodge, but this could possibly mean it will be implemented directly into the slashing action this time.)

- Geralt can choose to execute or spare bandits, though he can loot them either way. (Witcher moral stuff, nothing new, but I am glad it's here.)

- They are targeting 30fps on console. (My my, not so powerful, Xbox One and PS4, are we?)

- Geralt will change his stance according to the task he is faced with e.g. wary if surrounded by a pack of monsters. (This could mean that the stances from the first game are coming back, in one form or another. Great news!)

- They added Witcher sense similar to Batman's Detective mode so you can see weak points on monsters like The Fiend's lungs, or outside of battle to re create events like tracking a murderer. (If my memory does not fool me, the second game was supposed to have this feature, but in the end it was cut down. Could come out interesting.)

- Main storyline is 40-50hrs, and another 40-50 in the open world. (I like these numbers, especially if the game will have the same replay value as the previous two!)

- No "Fedex Quests". (I loved every single quest in the previous Witchers, so I have no opinion on this one.)

- Choice and consequence will ripple across the world. (Again, Witcher stuff. Welcome back, old friend!)

- Don't want to build a sandbox experience, storytelling is still the main goal. (This basically means a little bit more open-world Witcher 2. Good!)

- Some locations: Skellige: Nordic-style archipelago, Slavic-like No Mans Land and city of Novigrad. (I know the saga and this basically means they will be introducing even more lore, compared to the previous games. This is great news, take my word for it!)

- Geralt can jump. In-house motion capturing, though the horse was done somewhere else. (I did not cry over no jumping being present in W2, but knowing CDP RED they will introduce some great moments with it, so again – good news.)

This is basically it and it sure does raise expectations! Lets us hope that the upcoming E3 show will bring some more details and in the meantime, make sure to check out our previous news on The Witcher 3, here, here and here!

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Someone bring me some kleenex...

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Wild Hunt seems poised to trump it in every way possible. And several that are impossible

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I cannot state how much I want to play this game. It is at the top of the list for me. The Witcher 2 will go down as one of my favorite games of all time.