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Some Q's and Some A's About Tom Clancy's: The Division

By CameronW21-12-2013

If it wasn't for the near heart attack of joy that Mad Max's reveal gave me at E3 earlier this year. I'd probably say that The Division was the game that got me the most interested. It looked good, it looked fun, and it's fully on board with that whole seamless online thing that all the cool kids are doing these days.

The gameplay was pretty silly, mostly just because of the voice chat, but it did leave me with a few questions: PC version, PC version, PC version, and if the snow melts in real time or not. Okay, maybe not that last one, but some of the more pressing details are covered in the Q&A as well. Talking about stuff like the engine, the destruction, and how fancy the PC version is going to look.

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I've been wondering the same thing, but I'm going even further. Since this is supposed to be a tough, persistent survival experience. Will snow, rain and so affect our health?

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I'm more concerned if the weather is going to come into play as a gameplay oriented obstacle. If we can drive cars for instance (temporarily even) will stuff behave accordingly? As the winter approached Ohio I've driven a fairly great amount on multiple types of frozen water, from your slushy snow, to your ice and the differences of these made driving a different experience. Even moving away from driving you could barely walk properly when the ice was significant on pavement.

I really hope we do get more a visceral feeling from this game, movement is one of the most important aspects to third-person games and stuff needs to play out accordingly. I'm not asking for players to sprint on ice and end up falling on their butts, but it would be interesting to make it a challenge and force players into buildings, or walk on less frozen/snow flooring.