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Some More Mass Effect (Updated)

By Merc21-02-2013

Yeah, there is more to add on to the story of Mass Effect 3, now that could be good or bad depending on your perspective. There is actually two new pieces of content on the way but only one of them is single player. Citadel will be released on March 5th and promises to be the last journey for Commander Shepard and his squad. According to the press statement the team behind Mass Effect 3 is putting every ounce of effort they have into this final send off for the Shepard. You will be exploring new locations in the vast space station. It also sounds like some old favorites will be back for a cameo. The multiplayer portion of the DLC will be out a little sooner than the Citadel, so catch that on February 26th. Get ready for new weapons, characters, and upgrades. So, are you ready for some more Shepardy action? Let us know in the comments.

Edit: As clarified by Jessica Merizan, the community manager at BioWare this is not a post end content.

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