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Some DLC or Cards for Your Movie?

By Toast24-07-2013

Have you ever gotten the urge to say "Man, you know what would go great with this movie? Some Popcorn? Nah, how about some Buttered Popcon? Nope, I know, how about some Downloadable Content and Cards?!? Yeah sure, sounds like a neat idea, I'll buy into that!" Well look no further dear readers, the team behind Indie Game: The Movie will fulfil our needs! Am I kidding or drunk? No and maybe.

For all seriousness, Indie Game: The Movie now has DLC readily available on Steam in the form of an upgrade to the 'Special Edition' for a nominal fee of £3.99/€4.99/$4.99. You could also grab the full package if you don't own the game already, but that's up to you if you love movies and DLC. On the same topic, do you like cards? I love them too, so much so that they have decided to add some Steam trading cards for us to enjoy! You might also want to know what this DLC includes, well look no further as a detailed list directly from the store page awaits your curiously wondering eyes below:

- 100+ minutes of new short films in 1080p
- Epilogues: What happened after?
- Stories about more game creators
- Deleted Scenes
- New Team Meat Commentary

So where does that leave us?  A movie to watch? Check! Some DLC with the movie? Check! Finally some trading cards to trade while watching the movie? Check! Well then, we're all set, so get out there and start buying some movie DLC and start collecting movie cards today!

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Well, I suppose they figured that had to get all those people who bought it with the Humble Bundle to watch it somehow?

Or something?

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