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Soldiering On

By Bobfish14-08-2014

Are you as frustrated as I am that there are no (official) My Little Pony games available yet? The eternal lament of the unashamed Brony. Well, Ubisoft may not be here to scratch that itch directly, but Signal Studios' next entry in the Toy Soldiers franchise might just be an acceptable stop-gap. Sassy faeries doing cartwheels, shooting German footsoldiers and cheering on their armoured, rainbow unicorns...hell yeah this is going to be awesome!

War Chest presents a quirky mixture of hammy, 50s First World War movies and flat out batshit stupidity which may ultimately end up being clunky. But will certainly be entertaining along the way, so long as you don't try to take it seriously. The current trailer highlights the first pair of four armies that will be available at launch, with promise that the remaining two will be revealed in the days/weeks/months to come. Whilst the 'at launch' part clearly indicates more will be coming along later, most likely as DLC.

Best guess based on the silhouettes at the end, one of them will be samurai...ish, and the other maybe Vikings?
Time will tell. Until then, enjoy one of the more entertaining trailers we've seen in a while, as well as some actually quite spiffy visuals. It's colourful, that's for sure, but also respectably detailed. And it has pink moneybank cats exploding. So that's thing.

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