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Soft Body Love in the Hands of the Fans

By MrJenssen27-11-2013

We've already covered Next Car Game, its failed Kickstarter campaign and the playable tech demo that Bugbear released shortly after. So why are we covering it again? Because it looks fantastic, that's why!

Just check out the video embedded above, uploaded by one of the game's many pre-ordering fans. If you can't imagine your favorite racing game overhauled with this physics engine and that thought brings a smile to your face, then you are simply soulless.

Though you can at this time only get the tech demo by pre-ordering the game from the developer's own site - which will grant you a Steam code for the game once it comes out sometime in the next five billion years - it's quite fun to watch it still. I've played it some myself, and I must say I'm impressed by the lack of supercomputer requirements to run this thing smoothly. Despite all the three-dimensional objects and particles flying around, the 24 cars crashing and smashing into each other and various malicious tools of destruction, not to mention the fact that every texture and every model is crisp and nicely detailed, the tech demo still manages to run at a buttery smooth framerate most of the time. Even despite my now aging setup.

So, if you've ever been a fan of any racing game, I think it's safe to say that you might at least want to mark this one on your radar from now on. Even with the Kickstarter campaign ending up being unsuccessful, the game looks, sounds and feels fantastic already.

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