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SOE Wants to Showcase Your Outfit

By SavageOcto07-11-2012

Planetside 2, SOE’s new FPSMMO, is right around the corner. The game will feature thousands of players waging war on each of the game’s maps that span 64 square kilometers. Getting everyone to work together in such large numbers is a real challenge in the game...

Unless, of course, you’re a member of one of the game’s outfits, the equivalent of guilds, in Planetside 2. Outfits can deploy multiple platoons of men. To show off its more popular outfits, SOE is taking videos and displaying them for the whole community to see as a way to promote them.

If you are in an outfit in the beta and want it to be featured, send a link to a video featuring your outfit to fanspam@planetside2.com

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I'm still not convinced this game will be something except for the most dedicated amongst us.