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So What's New On PlanetSide 2?

By JcDent19-04-2013

PlanetSide 2, my most touted F2P MMOFPS of 2012, has received a sleeve of updates. While they didn't add the buggy just yet, there are other things about.

For example, as explained in their YouTube video above, the new Alert system incentivizes random faction wide objectives. For example, an alert might trigger that pushes everyone to try and conquer, say, Amarish continent. In the end, either one side wins domination victory and gets all the experience points - and I mean that every last person in that faction online gets them - or they get experience points according to the percentage of an objective complete.

While on the topic of Alerts, SOE's Matt Higby says that they are planning on adding more and varied alerts, especially to avoid server queues when everyone floods a single continent. Alerts that are more localized or are akin to CTF objectives have also been mentioned.

He also chimed in about the whole "released a new weapon, then release a better weapon next week thing", saying that it's a shady practice and not what they're aiming for. The PS2 team is looking at weapon balance - that means some love for scout sniper rifles, too.

Back to the video! Ribbons are being implemented - these are granted for kills and cooperative actions and can be earned each day, with their own XP boosts. In essence they're kind of like Battlefield 3 ribbons - which is not a bad thing since Battlefield 3 rocks. While as of now the ribbons are quite limited in scope (i.e. mostly "kill people with guns"), they plan on adding more in the future.

What more can be added? More character slots for the paying customers! Not sure if anyone needed those, but here they are.

Speaking of updates, Update 7 will bring two new revolvers to the game, new helmets, more weapon stats to preview - as well as camo previews for characters and vehicles! Grenades are now thrown a bit differently, tank mines are bigger, lock on launchers no longer lock on turrets, repair guns lock on like healing tools... and the sound volume on jetpacks has been increased. This might sounds strange (geddit?), but it will be useful in the field to spot those light infantry assholes infiltrating behind your lines.

Of course, there are a lot of other last minute changes. You can read about them in the forum link above.

So, guys (and girls), what do you think about the updates? What are the ones you're waiting for? I'm still holding my breath for air-droppable tanks.

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