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So Many Games, So Little Time

By Doubleplus08-01-2014

Here's what I'd like you to do: Open your steam profile, click "games", then "all" then scroll to the very bottom and count how many games you own that have no time played. According to a study done by Famous Aspect, there might be a lot more games than you expected. According to a survey of 1400 people, 79% of gamers like getting a deal (Presumably, the other 21% hate having money), 60% games bought by the average gamer are bought on sale, while they also bought 11-25 games in the past 12 months, but hasn't played 40% of them.30% of gamers also have 50 or more games in their "pile of shame." On top of all this, they also buy only 20% of their games at full price.

What does this really say, though? I'm quite sure we aren't buying games and just tossing them away. I think that most of those figures probably come from bundles, such as Humble, Indie Royale, Indie Gala, Groupees and the crowd of other bundles that have popped up. Usually when one buys one of these bundles, they are buying it simply because they want one or two games in it and the rest are kind of just bonuses. As for the sales figures, who can blame gamers? Full price games are expensive, and publishers are trying to make them even more. When it comes down to it, if I want a AAA game, I could either A. Shell out $60, an amount of money that could buy me food for a month or B. I can buy it a couple months later for maybe $20 or if I'm really patient C. Wait a year or so and get it for $4.99. So maybe the info is truthful, but does it really mean what it's presented to? Play your damn games people.


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Too true.