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Snuck a Peek Yet? Here's Your Chance Again!

By MrJenssen06-12-2013

By now you should all know - especially if you're racing fans - that Bugbear's tentatively titled "Next Car Game" is in the making, has been in and out of Kickstarter unsuccessfully, and has released a playable tech demo for all the cool people who pre-order the game from the official site.

5643 backers and about $180,000 later, and Bugbear have proven they're certainly not sitting on their asses. They WANT this game to be made. To demonstrate this, they've now released yet another playable demo for all who pre-order it. It has more objects and obstacles, destructive machinery and some awesome "weapons" you can use to wreak havoc on anything and everything physical within the environments. What, you don't believe me? Check out the video above!

And if you think this is one of those things that choke your framerate down to syrup once the particles start flying, well then you're wrong. It actually runs pretty damn well - and need I remind you that this is an extremely early build?

Now please, Bugbear, PLEASE release the first tech demo for everyone! Most people aren't going to buy your game only to get access to the demo. They'll buy the game if they get to try the demo first! So get to it, you crazy Finns!

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