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Sniper VS Vehicles

By Toast30-04-2014

The result? Explosive action, if you hit the right spot. The final developer diary from Rebellion and 505 Games shows off the new creative ways of blowing up vehicles again, with your sniper rifle (yes again) in Sniper Elite 3. I know it may seem a bit unrealistic, but look at the detail of the vehicles being exploded, and the amount of detail shown during the destruction of these beauties! Although it is rather odd they’re aiming for authenticity when they can pierce a Tiger tank in the back to set the fuel tank on fire, but who cares when it looks good? 

When you pre-order the game from the official website, you get to hunt Hitler again, along with his double! So, why not take a nice vacation in the desert to hunt some Nazis, and their vehicles?

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Those poor tanks never saw it coming.