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Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Gameplay Teased

By Leigh Cobb26-11-2012

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 has got a new teaser trailer out, showing off some sneaking, sniper related antics, in the lovely CryEngine 3.

It sure looks pretty, plus your AI teammate in the video above REALLY enjoys his job, screaming "You like butchering huh?! HOW DOES THIS FEEL?!" as he repeatedly stabs a generic enemy grunt. So here you go, first official gameplay for Ghost Warrior 2.

Personally it looks far too scripted for my liking. Being told when to shoot, silent backstabs from behind with help from an AI teammate. It just feels like ground we've all trodden many times before.

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Posts: 233

Well, since the PC community seems to enjoy scripted events - for whatever reason, I don't know - we will see a whole lot more of this....stuff

Posts: 1548

This is using Cryengine 3. Hope its not as bad as the first one.