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Sniper 2 Trailer

By Bobfish22-12-2012

I'm going to say right now, upfront, this trailer put my back up before it even started playing. The “Brutal war crimes” tagline put me immediately on edge, and the subtext of “the full cruelty of war” jaded as I am by certain unnamed EAs in recent years, made me cringe. And frankly, the meat of the trailer itself only compounded the problems. The atrocities committed in Sarajevo during the early nineties (when the trailer indicates this game takes place) are not something to be treated in such an avant garde, looking how shockingly accurate they are. This is precisely the kind of thing that has so many people railing against our hobby so vehemently.

I'd like to add, having spent time in military service, I would actually be amongst the first to challenge the notion that such things should never be tackled in this medium. Quite the opposite in fact. If film and television shows are allowed to do so, in extremely graphic fashion, so should video games. However this is simply not the way to go about it. It's sensationalistic and strikes me as nothing more than an appalling attention grab. On this other and, it's also a trailer, and I've learned from past experience, they are only infrequently to be trusted as an accurate representation of the finished product.

And perhaps I'm being over sensitive. So I leave it to you, my follow gamers, to voice your own views on the subject.

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