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Snipen Fall

By Bobfish31-12-2013

Titanfall will be awesome. I'm just throwing that out there right now. Big fookoff robots beating the living snot out of each other, whilst pesky little fleshy lumps of Human flit around between their feet? Sign me up! Especially now that the meatbags, we can confirm, will be able to adopt sniper rolls. Those pesky, camping swine! They got it coming!

To that end, it gives me great pleasure to confrim that, though they will be present in a fully viable gameplay capacity, they will be denied the free ride other, mollycoddling games adopt for them. There will be no quick scoping, and no scoping will be a thoroughly inefficient way to make yourself known on the titanfield.

The particulars on how Respawn intend to combat these particular affronts against nature is unclear at this time, but a recent forum post by Scriptacus (awesome username right there) makes it clear such shameful tactics are firmly against their vision for the end product. "Quick scoping and no scoping are ineffective," he said. So suck you camping scum. Come down here and play with the big boys.

If you dare.

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Posts: 596

I think I am really immature or something, but I still always read the title of the game as Titfall... I have a dirty mind, me thinks...

Posts: 3290

Big robots

Posts: 297

I think this could be a hit or miss for some, but it'll probably be decent at best.

Posts: 3290

Shows a hell of a lot of potential doesn't it

Posts: 166

I got to admit, this game does look very good and one I am waiting for in 2014.

Posts: 1548

I am so excited about his game. Can't wait for it to come out.