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Sneaky Announcement Reveals Annual X-Mas Heist

By MrJenssen11-12-2013

The rate at which downloadable content releases for Payday 2, has increased quite substantially in the recent months. Not only were we treated to the free Diamond Store heist and some Halloween masks earlier in the year, but we also got the weapon pack and Armored Transport DLCs less than a month ago. Sweet! Considering that Payday 2 is a purely cooperative game, its longevity depends on a steady stream of minor and major content updates.

In a recent update at the game's official Steam hub, a new DLC has been announced. It's the Charlie Santa Heist and seems to be a brand new bank layout. It would seem this is a far more hardcore bank than the one we're used to sticking up from before, requiring two key cards and good timing to open the vault. You see, it has a repeating four-minute time lock. Botch the plan, and you'll have to hold out for another four minutes while the police spew their entire armory of lead your way, before the vault finally opens.

The release date is still to be announced, and when asked about the price, the only response developer Overkill has given, is a winking smileyface. As the announcement states, this is their FIRST annual X-Mas heist DLC, hinting at the possibility of there being more next year. Alright!

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