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E3: Sneaky, Colorful and Loving it!

By breadbitten14-06-2013

Clown stealth, the new niche to look out for if some of these new shots from Payday 2 are to be believed.

The sequel to Overkill's co-operative FPS is being touted as a heist simulator by the developers, a bold claim for sure. But given the solid foundation of the original game, it's not that farfetched to believe that the developers may really deliver on that claim with Payday 2. The new screenshots released don't really show off anything substantially new other than the possibility of some sections or missions that may involve stealth in some capacity. An exciting prospect for sure since it's in direct contrast to that age old cliché of the "heist gone wrong" (although I suspect that the game may have plenty of that as well) where the only way for a clean getaway is to shoot the shit out of everything in the robber's peripheral vision.

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