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Sneak, Fight, and Hide Like A Goblin

By zethalee30-06-2014

Goblins have always been at odds with humans across the fantasy spectrum; from the grandaddy Lord of the Rings, to a supporting role in nearly every fantasy RPG ever made. In Styx: Master of Shadows, this is no different, though instead of slaughtering goblins by the thousands, you're just one goblin thief, and you've got a plan to make you some serious money. Featuring what I would suspect is a rather upward-inclining tower populated by the Humans and Elves, the Tower of Akenash, your task is to steal into the tower, find yourself the source of Amber, the effective replacement for mana, and attempt to nick various things along the way, too.

Boasting open levels and level design catered to the more creative of stealth-oriented players, tangentially, you're also on a quest to discover your origins, as a 200 year old goblin thief. Along the way, players can also unlock skills from seven different talent trees, to both enhance the experience and provide new ways of pushing people off of ledges. To be fair, the previous stealth-oriented game, Thief boasted much of the same things that Styx is, and Thief turned out to be a rather soulless disappointment. As far as I can tell, no release date has been revealed yet, so if there's still fans of the genre looking to wash their minds of the underwhelming memories, they may well have to wait for a while.

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