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Snakes on a Plain: Warlock 2's Expansion Adds Nagas, More

By zethalee14-10-2014

Warlock 2's Civilization-cum-fantasy premise seems to be doing well enough to warrant a few expansions for the game, one of which is the aptly titled Wrath of the Nagas, where the titular Naga race has "lurked outside the realm of Ardania since time immemorial," waiting for their chance to strike. The expansion brings a new campaign where you fight against the Naga armies before their churning waters swallow the shards of the world you're fighting on, and bringing the fight to the seas, with their own Great Mages, and two new lords as well. There is no word yet on when the expansion will be released, or what the price will be, and you can be sure that we'll have that information as the year progresses.

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