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Smite – Thanatos God Revealed

By NeonAnderson18-09-2013

Yet another God joins the Smite arena, this time around it is Thanatos who is known as the God of Death. In Smite he plays as a melee physical assassin and his abilities are as follows:

- Harvester of Souls (Passive): Enemies within his ultimate's range are revealed. Dealing the killing blow also empowers Thanatos.

- Death Scythe: Thanatos flings his scythe, dealing damage and slowing enemies, while healing himself

- Scent of Death: Thanatos removes slow effects from himself and gains movement speed and physical penetration. This ability also links with his passive and his ultimate's range, when he moves towards enemy Gods within the range of his ultimate while Scent of Death is active, the movement speed bonus is doubled.

- Soul Reap: Thanatos swings his scythe, dealing damage and silencing hit enemies. While swinging, his movement speed is reduced.

- Hovering Death: Thanatos goes airborne, upon clicking on a target location, he sweaps down and deals damage to all enemies in the target location.

Along with Thanatos, there are some other additions and changes in the new patch, while the full patch notes can be read here I will just briefly highlight some of the key changes and additions. Firstly, Bastet, Hercules and Chang'e all come in Gold now, while Hades has received a new Nightmare skin. Thanatos, Ra and Vamana now all have voicepacks and Lil'Mana has its own voicepack.

There has once again been some changes to the match queues, there is now a (working) option to select a preference region (thus either Europe or America currently). The Mastery/Worshipper system has been updated with new titles at 10, 25 and 50 Worshippers.

Casual mode is now Normal, while Competitive has been removed. Instead, a new queue has been introduced, called Conquest Solo Master. This queue offers the highest level of play for the most experienced players, to play here you must have at least 12 Gods at Adept level (50 Worshippers) and once in a lobby for this match you can only pick the Gods you have at Adept level. This ensures that players only pick Gods they have played substantially. This queue also will use draft mode and allow one ban per team. This queue rewards players with 20 percent more Worshippers.

That rounds off this update highlight of Smite, as always, you can join Smite completely free by clicking here!

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