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Smite Poseidon God Revealed

By NeonAnderson27-02-2013

The latest coming God has been revealed for Smite: Poseidon, the God of the Oceans. According to Greek mythology, Poseidon is the brother of Hades and as a child they were consumed by their father Chronos. Zeus then freed them and slayed Chronos. Zeus together with Poseidon and Hades then defeated the last of the titans together and brought in a new age of dominance for Olympian Gods. The Heavens, the Underworld and the Seas were divided among the three however, Zeus positioned himself as King of all.

In Smite, Poseidon plays as a mage using his trident as his weapon and has the following abilities:

  • Changing Tides (Passive): Poseidon’s movement speed increases and his abilities do additional damage as his tide level increases, which is increased through successful basic attack hits
  • Tidal Surge: Poseidon summons a wave that deals magical damage and pushes back all enemies in its path
  • Trident: Poseidon activates his trident, increasing his movement speed and making his basic attacks fire two additional shots
  • Whirlpool: Poseidon summons a whirlpool that pulls targets towards the centre and deals magical damage
  • Release the Kraken (Ultimate): Poseidon releases the Kraken, dealing magical damage and stunning all enemies in the centre of the target

First of all, OMFG!!! Release the Kraken is perhaps the game’s most impressive ability yet! If you too would like to release the Kraken upon your enemies, then you can sign up by clicking here to play the Open Beta. As a note: all progress is kept from Open Beta to launch.

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Posts: 596

Also cool too with the news that just came out today about the changes to the God pack, means that I will get him and all future Gods included with the God pack :)

So glad!

Posts: 9

awwwwhh yeh I'll be playing him!