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Smite – Now in 2D!

By NeonAnderson16-10-2013

Ok... so maybe I lied... a little... Smite has not received an update that makes the game 2D, however, what it has received is a nifty 3-minute Comic Con 2013 trailer. Rather than using in-game or pre-rendered scenes to create this trailer, the developers have opted to keep in style with the New York based 2013 Comic Con. As a result, the trailer features 2D comic styled art showing some of the many different Gods featured in Smite along with their origin region.

While not much to see here if you play Smite, it is still fun to watch for those who play and don't play Smite... At least if you like these kind of things (comic styled trailers).

Smite is a free-to-play MOBA title that is inspired by the MOBA that started it all, DOTA. As it is free-to-play you can click here to register and download the game completely for free! For those wanting a bit more, there is a good value God pack on offer that unlocks all current and future Gods. In addition, players can use money to buy Gems that are used to unlock premium skins and voice packs. But threat not, all Gods are unlockable through in-game earned currency (Favor) and so are some skins even! You also receive 5 free Gods when you first register and login to your account in-game. There are also always 5 more Gods that rotate and are temporarily free for all players to use.

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