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Smite – Neith the Weaver of Fate Revealed

By NeonAnderson13-02-2013

The next god will be making its way into Smite’s open beta within a few days. Neith, Weaver of Fate, is going to play as a ranged physical fighter by using her bow and arrow. Mystically speaking, Neith was one of the first Goddesses to be born and became a protector of the people by hunting to provide them with food and clothing. But as the people grew old and died she used her powers to shield the spirits of the dead as they ventured down the river to the underworld, each of these shield left threads of fate that she can see.

Neith’s abilities will be:

  • Broken Weave (Passive): This is her unique passive and means that when a God dies it leaves behind a broken weave. This weave gives Neith visibility around it and she can use some of her abilities on the weave for a secondary effect.
  • Spirit Arrow: Neith fires a shot that passes through all enemies in a straight line, dealing physical damage to them and rooting them. If the arrow hits a weave it will explode, damaging all enemies in radius around the weave and rooting them.
  • Unravel: This ability damages and slows all enemies in a target area. She also heals from up to 3 targets in the target area. If it hits any broken weaves in the target area, they provide Neith further additional healing.
  • Back Flip: Neith flips back through the air, damaging all nearby enemies in front of her and creating another broken weave. Enemies hit by this ability are also slowed.
  • World Reaver (Ultimate): Neith fires an arrow across the entire world, seeking its target and passing through all obstacles, if it hits an enemy God they are stunned and take damage. If a reave is hit the same effect is applied to all enemies in a radius.

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