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Smite – Isis, Goddess of Magic, Released

By NeonAnderson16-05-2013

Yet another God, or should I say, Goddess, enters the battlefields of Smite. This time it is Isis, the Goddess of Magic that joins the growing line-up.

In Smite, Isis plays as a ranged magic dealer and her abilities are as follows:

  • Funeral Rites (Passive): Isis shares additional HP5 and MP5 with nearby allies, for every death she witnesses, her Aura gains stacks up to a maximum of 10
  • Basic Attacks: Her basic attacks follow a 3-strike chain, with each strike dealing increased damage. Her basic attacks do not apply on-hit effects though and deal magic damage. Her basic attacks also do not have critical chance
  • Wing Gust: Isis flaps her wings, gaining increased movement speed and sending forth four wing gusts in a line
  • Spirit Ball: Isis sends forth a ball of spirit energy, she can detonate it at will, however it gains damage the further it flies. It will also stun enemies it explodes on
  • Dispel Magic: Isis silences enemies at target location, enemies hit also lose a portion of their protections and are slowed. In addition, allies gaining from her Funeral Rites Aura, gain that protection for a short period of time
  • Circle of Protection (Ultimate): Isis plants her staff into the ground, allowing allies within the radius to take less damage. All damage mitigated charges the staff. When Isis activates the staff, it explodes, dealing damage to all enemies in the staff area and healing nearby allies

In addition to the new Goddess, the patch brings some new skins with it. The first new skin is the Vulcan Sentry skin inspired by Global Agenda. Players who have reached level 30 within Global Agenda receive this skin for free. There is also new voice packs included for Apollo, Aphrodite and Isis. These can each be purchased for 200 Gems and while playing as that God your voice commands will be in the voice of that God/Goddess.

Besides these new skins and voice packs, they have also reworked the level system. The current system will be renamed to the Beta Level and is now only used during the beta and for unlocking the free Cocadeamon skin at level 30. The new system is called Master Level and is increased by playing each God and winning battles as that God. Once Master level 1 is reached on a God it adds to the player's Master level. Thus the current maximum Master level is 36, once a new God is released that becomes 37, and so forth.

For those that still have yet to join the awesomeness that is Smite, click here to play entirely free of cost!

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Posts: 596

Definitely a new level principle, it also means there is always levels to be gained and, better yet, it promotes players to try out new Gods and become players like me (on MOBAs I tend to have 2-3 mains that change over time, so for example on League of Legends my mains were Darius for top, Soraka/Sona support, Varrus as ADC, Kassadin or Swain for mid and I don't jungle)

Currently on Smite my mains are Apollo, He Bro and Loki.

Posts: 127

As a beta veteran of Smite I love this new level idea :-D It is fresh, it is well balanced and it is great in general :-D Runescape-like in a way. I hope they will make the god mastery lvls more visible though :-)