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Smite Introduces Siege Game Mode

By JcDent06-05-2014

Smite is a MOBA where you control ancient gods and sexy goddesses (it’s a video game, after all). And now, it wants to mix things up by introducing Siege mode.

Advertised in the Siege and Osiris patch, this mode will include two teams of five, as well as certain siege objectives. To get those, you’ll want the help of Siege weapons. They are big, powerful and prioritise attacking siege objectives over players. These only spawn once you collect a hundred points by killing stuff, with minions only worth a paltry 1 point while camps give a lofty 9. And in the middle of the maps, there’s a Silver Fury. Apparently, she has a siege tower up her bum, because killing her would instantly spawn your Siege Weapon.

The patch will also include a new god called Osiris (so, a very old god) as well as league system, with divisions, tiers, and resets each month that come with certain benefits!

I’m still miffed over Tribes, though.

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