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Smite Goes into Open Beta

By NeonAnderson25-01-2013

Smite's closed beta comes to an end, marking the beginning of the open beta! The video above shows off the open beta along with the new features coming out in the first open beta version. This news post will also list the features included in the open beta version.

The open beta will feature the following new features:

  • The conquest map will receive a full visual overhaul, while retaining the same identical layout.
  • The practice match bot will receive a vastly improved AI and will now play as Ra, the Egyptian God of Sun.
  • Ranked and Challenge conquest modes will use Draft pick now, allowing players to ban two Gods and will now allow players to also switch their Gods with other player picks.
  • Teams will be added, allowing players to create teams and this will be used in the Ranked Team Conquest mode (players must be level 15 or higher to participate in this mode).
  • Spectator mode will be made available to tournament admins and official shoutcasters with a 3 minute delay to avoid cheating. It will also feature rewinding, pausing and slow motion playback while in spectator mode.
  • Spectator mode will be made available for everyone else further down the line.
  • Statistical information will be improved to provide more useless information, along with the end of match information.
  • The Smite website will now allow players to view individual matches in their match history, as well as those from friends.
  • Video settings have been added to allow players to set the window/full screen mode and resolution individually for the main menu and in-game.
  • Multiple new skins will be added including Solar Eclipse Ra and Master Guan Yu.

Better news yet, as a reward for those who participate heavily in the open beta, everyone who reaches level 30 before the official Smite release, will receive the Limited Edition Demon Ymir skin!

So what are you waiting for? To join the in the excitement of the Smite open beta, click here.

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