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Smite – Find Your Soul Mate

By NeonAnderson13-03-2013

Yet another God joins the ever growing line-up on Smite. This time around it is Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Beauty. She also exists within Roman mythology as Venus. In Smite she plays as a mage using her golden sceptre. Her abilities are as follows:

- Loving Embrace (Passive): Gaining Aphrodite's favour is a blessing in that it returns a percentage of all mana gained by her to her soul mate.

- Kiss: Aphrodite blows a kiss to an allied God making them her soul mate while boosting the speed of both gods. If this hits an enemy God they become stunned, it also makes the active soul mate jealous, boosting his or her damage.

- Back Off!: Aphrodite commands all enemies to get away from her doing magical damage and knocking back all enemies hit. If she has an active soul mate, this ability will originate from the soul mate instead.

- Love Birds: Aphrodite calls forth a flock of doves that deal magical damage and heal her and her soul mate.

- Undying Love (Ultimate): Aphrodite grants her soul mate temporary invulnerability while also removing all crowd control effects from them

One thing that I must really point out is how creative the Smite team are becoming with both the skins and God designs. Not only do they manage to place a great sense of humour within both of those categories, they also manage to still keep adding completely diverse play styles of each God to the game. If they manage to keep this up Smite will shape up to be perhaps one of the most fun of MOBA games out there.

If you too would like to already join that fun, you can click here to register and download the game completely for free. Also bear in mind you can still gain a free Demon Ymir skin by reaching level 30 before the beta ends and purchase the Ultimate God Pack at a great discount. The God Pack unlocks all current and future Gods!

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