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Smite – Chronos Reveal

By NeonAnderson12-07-2013

The Keeper of Time, Chronos is being added to Smite. In Smite Chronos will be played as a Magical Ranged God.

His abilities are as follows:

- Wheel of Time (Passive): Depending on where the wheel is when activating Chronos' second ability, it will provide a different bonus. There are four different bonuses and they are +20% Magical Lifesteal, 75% Mana Refund on Abilities, +20% Magical Power, +35% Magical Power to Basic Attacks.

- Time Rift: Chronos Creates a rift in time that damages all enemies in the area.

- Accelerate: Chronos accelerates himself over time when active, his attack speed is increased and he is not affected by the attacking movement debuff

- Stop Time: Chronos shoots forward spinning gears of time, any enemies hit are slowed to a stop and will take damage and are then stunned.

- Rewind (Ultimate): Chronos travels through time to where he was earlier, gaining health and mana back and all cooldowns are reset (except Rewind).

While Chronos will definitely remind players who also play League of Legends of Zilean, Chronos definitely plays very differently and of course is based on a real mythical God, this time around a God from Greek and Roman mythology. He is also found in the other F2P MOBA game, Heroes of Newerth.

As always, players can join in on the online fun for free by clicking here and registering and downloading/installing the game.

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Now that you mention it, he does look a lot like a vampire in terms of his face and skin :P The funny thing is, his facial model resembles that of Vladimir in League of Legends (who is a vampire)

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He looks more like a bloomin' vampire.

Reminds me of a Spanish film I watched a while back. Same name, also about a vampire...sort of. Makes sense when you think about it. An unending life by draining the 'life' from other living beings.

Anyway. He looks like a vampire