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Smite Becomes Unbound – Fenrir

By NeonAnderson01-05-2013

Within Smite, Fenrir, The Unbound, will play as a melee physical bruiser and will have the following abilities:

  • Unbound Runes (Passive): Fenrir gains efficiency as he attacks, every hit from a basic attack gives Fenrir 1 point up to a maximum of 5. At 5 stacks, these provide bonuses for his abilities. If an enemy God dies near Fenrir he gains full runes stacks
  • Unchained: Fenrir leaps forward and deals damage to all enemies where he lands. At full runes he also stuns his enemies. If it hits a God, the cooldown is halved
  • Seething Howl: Fenrir howls, inspiring himself with a physical power and lifesteal buff. At full runes the buff is increased
  • Brutalize: Fenrir performs a Warwick ultimate and pounces to his ground target location, attacking a single enemy in the radius with 4 quick strikes. At full runes, each strike deals 75 percent of the damage to nearby enemies
  • Ragnorak (Ultimate): Fenrir grows massive, becoming immune to Crowd Control and moving faster while biting Gods and carrying them away. This ability also gives Fenrir increased protections, these are doubled if he has full runes upon activation

In addition, this patch will introduce one new skin for He Bo. If you haven't already you can also get the free Stalker skin for Artemis by following @smitegame. The Egyptian sun God, Ra has also received a visual overhaul for all his skins. Additionally, the first sound pack will be making its way this patch, introducing the Neith sound pack that once purchased will have you calling out the voice commands in the voice of Neith when playing as that God.

The new patch will also allow players to spectate their friends' games with a 3 minute delay to avoid abuse of the system.

That rounds off these patch notes, as always you can play Smite entirely free of cost by clicking here to sign-up for the game.

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Posts: 596

Well, in the victory screen he does... kind of... :P

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Can he bite hands off? It's kind of his signature move