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Smite – Apollo

By NeonAnderson29-03-2013

Yet another God joins the Smite line-up, this time around it is Apollo, God of Music from the Greek and Roman mythology. Interesting little factoid here is that Apollo is the Son of Zeus and has a twin sister who is also in the Smite game - Artemis.

In Smite, Apollo plays as a ranged physical assassin and has the following abilities:

- Audacity (Passive): After 10 successful basic attacks, Apollo gains Audacity. Increasing the attack speed of his next five attacks

- So Beautiful: Apollo strums a single cord on his lyre. Dealing physical damage to all enemies in a long range line

- Serenade: Apollo sings, mesmerizing all enemies for a short duration

- The Moves: Apollo runs forward and slides on his knees, dealing physical damage and knocking aside all enemies. At the end of the slide, he plays a tune that decreases enemy movement and increases the movement speed of him and allies

- Across The Sky (Ultimate): Apollo rides his chariot across the sky. Choosing when to land, dealing physical damage and knocking back enemies when he lands.

If you are interested in playing as Apollo, God of Music then click here to sign up for a free account and download the game completely for free! The Ultimate God Pack is still available, which unlocks all current and future Gods at a greatly discounted price while the game is still in beta. The Ultimate God Pack is currently 30 USD, 21 Pounds, or 24 Euros.

Those who will not get the Ultimate God Pack can still always Smite for free and have five free Gods to start with (Artemis, Kali, Ra, Sun Wukong, and Ymir) as well as five additional free Gods that are always on a rotation schedule. Additional Gods can be permanently unlocked through the in-game currency of Favor or by using the real money currency of Gems.

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