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Smell of Doom 4

By StuntmanLT20-02-2013

It seems we are getting a new trend this year – leaks via Steam database. Some curious explorers who were digging around the caverns of Steams database, uncovered an entry for Doom 4. That might not sound as surprising at first sight but when you take a closer look, the entry was updated just a month ago. As well as that it also has a Steam Hub and Steam group. So exciting, isn't it?

Will we hear an announcement soon? There were a lot of rumours of Doom 4 pushing PC hardware, something Rage failed to do miserably, not that it was supposed to do but that would have been nice. Also judging by recent Bethesda's games it's pretty safe to say that the next Doom will be using Steamworks so that's always  good...for most of us. What's your take on all the leaks and rumours? Shout out in the comment section.


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