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Smedley Versus Cheaters on PlanetSide 2

By SavageOcto15-12-2012

The face of John Smedley, the face that cheaters will come to fear!

John Smedley, President of SOE, hates cheaters. If you cheat he wants to kick you out of the game, digitally tar and feather you, and then drink your tears as you cry. He also wants to share those tears with those playing correctly.

“I wish there was a mathematical way to represent cheaters tears of sadness when they are banned as XP for the whole server,” said Smedley in a recent tweet on cheaters.

In a recent interview with PC Gamer, Smedley talks about his hatred of cheaters and the importance of ridding Planetside 2 of them to the best of SOE’s ability.

“I won’t mince words: I hate cheaters. I don’t like people who ruin the experience for everyone else, and – quite frankly – we see cheats as a threat to our game and a threat to our livelihood. So we take it very seriously, and we’re not passive about it. The idea of someone ruining someone else’s fun by cheating is something that really gets under my skin. It’s something we’re focusing a lot of resources on. We know cheaters are always going to be there, so it’s our job to find them, root them out, and remove them from our game. And we do that every single day.”

Every time a cheater is caught in PlanetSide 2, SOE harvests their digital tears of sadness which is used to fuel Smedley and his anti-cheat team. They caught over 300 cheaters last week to Smedley’s delight.

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Posts: 20

100 XP for every cheater they make cry!

Posts: 351

I like to see their tears of sadness :)