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Smash Cars, Soft Body Style

By MrJenssen16-09-2013

Bugbear's Next Car Game is shaping up quite nicely. Serving as a sort of spiritual successor to the old FlatOut franchise, their currently unnamed new project intends to up the ante when it comes to the destruction. Though FlatOut 2 and Ultimate Carnage had pretty cool destruction models, everything was pre-scripted. Every time your car's side was smashed in, the same dent appeared in the same place without exception. Now, they aim to bring soft body physics into play, for absolute mayhem. Check out the video for yourself, and drool over the outrageously overdone destruction caused to these poor cars, and imagine it in play with seven friends in multiplayer. Oh, the glory!

The game is currently in a very early stage, but you can already pre-order it at the official site and upvote it on Steam Greenlight. There is also a Kickstarter campaign planned.

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Still crappy

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What? It's not meant to be realistic.

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It looks good but something is slightly of...