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Sledgehammer Hints At Next Game, Not Ghosts

By Mokman03-05-2013

Sledgehammer Games worked with Infinity Ward on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and the union of the two studios proved to be a relatively happy one. Thus, it is quite a surprise that we find out, in a tweet from Sledgehammer to Infinity Wards that they won't be working on the next instalment of Call of Duty, Ghosts, but instead is currently "heads down on (their) next project". There have been no details released as of yet regarding their current project, and speculation is running wild. Will Sledgehammer Games go back to the classic formula and attempt to beat Infinity Ward at their own game, making an FPS? Or will they strike out on their own and come out with something nobody expects? Only time will tell.

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Maybe they *puts on sunglasses* developed some standards.