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Skywind Follows in the Footsteps of Morroblivion

By Leigh Cobb20-09-2012

Morrowind, my personal favourite Elder Scrolls game, is getting recreated in the Skyrim engine by faithful modder, Eloth, who worked on Morroblivion, the Morrowind recreation in the engine Oblivion used. Morrowind sure is popular, hey?

The Morroblivion forum also contains some lovely screenshots of the work in progress, which explains why it looks so rough around the edges. It's strange seeing my favourite game in Skyrim's, technically, much prettier engine, and some of the charm has been lost, but you can't deny that this project is awesome nonetheless.

There are further, tentative, plans to construct Oblivion in Skyrim's engine as well, but that is obviously a long way off. Personally for me, the Morrowind Overhaul 2012 is enough of a graphical modification of Morrowind for me. Still, go modders!

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Ah, yes, my abysmal commentary videos. T'was likely my giddy excitement that subconsciously made you install it. :P But, hey, well worth it.

Actually waiting for them to release this extra dose of awesome: http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1211599-wipz-morrowind-overhaul-game-experience/.

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@Endzville, it was your videos which persuaded me to sit down and install the Overhaul mod :)

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Ahhhhh, Modders - I do love them

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Already saw this on Kotaku. Very impressive right enough and I may give it a try somewhere in the future but, really, the Overhaul mod for Morrowind itself is amazing enough for me too. That thing kicks ass.

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And some companies try to stop modding. This only promotes their products!