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Skyrim Patch Indicates a Return to Solstheim

By Leigh Cobb17-10-2012

Skyrim fans have done some digging into the game's 1.8 patch and have uncovered some possible new DLC hints. Chief amongst which is a possible return to Morrowind's Solstheim.

The information was posted over at the Bethesda forums, where quest markers for Solstheim were found. Solstheim was the setting of the Bloodmoon expansion for Morrowind, way back in the day. It featured snow, rugged Nords, Werewolves and icy castles. As such this location makes perfect sense to be revisited in Skyrim. That means Bethesda wouldn't need to create a lot of new assets. Having explored the frosty wastes of Solstheim once before, I would prefer to go somewhere uncharted. But hey, this is all rumour at the moment.

But in addition to a possible new area, new animation files are hinted at. Such as, "DragonMountedDualStaff", exciting! According to the forum posts, references are also made to crafting recipes involving Bonemold, Chitin, Nordic and Stahlrim materials. This may be a dream come true for Morrowind fans (me).

Remember, none of this has been confirmed by Bethesda, but usually this kind of digging proves to be correct one way or another in the end.

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