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Skyhill - Moral choices? Or Just Ammo Choices?

By elethio06-08-2015

Zombie, Survival, two words that seem to be inexorably attached right now, it's almost as if every other game released is somehow squeezing them into its formula.

Still the trailer for Skyhill has piqued my interest. The protagonist, although not the world's most likable person (Disaster strikes so he locks himself in his penthouse apartment) is at least more believable than most of the "hard men" survivors you usually see in this type of game.

It's hard to say much about the game at this stage, it's possible that with the focus on survival and crafting that it could have more in common with "This War Of Mine" than the standard Zombie shooter, but that could equally just be wishful thinking on my half (hint- Deadelic, introduce some moral dilemmas) and the choices may only stretch as far as what weapon/ammo to use? Anyway enjoy the trailer and let us know what you think?

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