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Skulls of the Shogun Launching 30th January

By Leigh Cobb11-01-2013

Skulls of Shogun is launching on the 30th January, making a simultaneous debut on XBLA, Windows 8, Windows Surface and Windows Phone. A turn based samurai strategy game, Shogun was due to have its launch coincide with Windows 8's launch back on 26th October, but was delayed until the end of this month.

Not just any old strategy title, Shogun is bringing some interesting ideas to the table. Chief among which is its ability to host cross platform gameplay across the Microsoft devices mentioned above. So you could be playing on your Windows phone against your friend on his Windows 8 PC.

Whilst this is cool and the game does look fun, you may have noticed a rather conspicuous absence in that device line up. You will not be able to play Skulls of Shogun on any other Windows operating system such as 7 or Vista, only Windows 8. From Microsoft's point of view I guess they want to give 8 a selling point by throwing some exclusivity its way, but taking choice away from the consumer doesn't exactly serve as a good starting point. I guess if you really want to play it that bad, you'd better get yourself an 'upgrade' to Windows 8, or buy a Windows Phone or Surface tablet. Still, 30th January it is, mark it in your diary.

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