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Sir, You are Being Videod

By Mokman22-04-2013

Jim Rossignol over at RPS has been working with two others in a dev outfit known as Big Robot, currently working on a Victorian steampunk stealth game known as Sir, You Are Being Hunted. In response to the success of the Kickstarter, they have released two new gameplay videos on the site, while he responds to any critique and suggestions made. My opinion? It looks great, and seems to incorporate some new innovations, something that happens rarely enough. Also, there is actually a gender option despite the name.

Anyway, if the videos tickle your fancy, you can pre-order the game via the Humble Store or play it at Rezzed 2013. Or if you have any questions/suggestions, go on over to the site and ask Jim about it.

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Posts: 3290

The lack of hands strikes me as an odd choice though. Maybe they just haven't implemented them yet?

Posts: 241

Procedurally generated, hunted by robot AI, hiding from enemies... this looks awesome.

Posts: 127

I must admit I love its graphic style!

Posts: 207

Looks like it could be fun!

Posts: 3290

Doesn't really look like my kind of thing, but it does look pretty good